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Resource Procurement

Procurement Items

1. Production partnership
FA machine production and design on consignment. 
2. Metal Fablication
Machined workpiece, sheet metal, coated/plated workpiece, Pre-Assy and inspection.
3. Resin/rubber workpieces
Resin machined workpiece, rubber workpiece,Plasticize.
4. Mechanical parts
Machinery parts: motor, cylinder, valve, etc.
5. Electrical parts
Control equipment parts: power supply, switch, harness, etc.
6. Measuring instruments
Motor characteristic measuring instrument, and other various measuring instruments
7. Castings
Die casting and other castings (including machined workpiece)

 OVERSEA…… Zhejiang Province, China

※The suppliers who have overseas production capacity in our neighboring area or
  countries are specially welcomed.

【How to Apply】
If you wish to apply for business with us, please submit the following documents:
◆ Company brochure, General information of the company (including production bases in Japan
  and/or others, and the products produced at the respective bases), Corporate CV
◆ List of processing methods and equipment (including name, size, and number of equipment)
◆ Photographs of major manufactured products and PR information introducing engineering/processing
  technologies or techniques
◆ List of major clients


Basic Policy

Our Basic Policy for Material Procurement
1. Open Door Policy
We are open to any company for material procurement, regardless of business location (in or outside Japan),
scale of company, or track records on business transactions with us.
2. Fair Selection
We select contractors based on fair evaluation under the principle of free competition.
3. Partnership
We want to grow together with our contractors, aiming for mutual prosperity and coexistence.
4. Q.C.D.S.S.S
We give top priority to the contractors who are superior in Q (Quality), C (Competitive price), D (Delivery period),
S (Speed), S (Service/aftercare), and S (Specialization Differentiation)
5. Confidentiality
We take meticulous care in handling confidential information on sales and technologies that we have attained
through business transactions.
We shall not disclose confidential information to any external party without permission of our contractors.