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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is questions that we frequently receive from customers, and our answers:

Q.1 What is the strength of your company?
Which facilities and technologies are advantageous over those of competitors?
A.1 We have many track records on delivery for various motor production facilities, including winding machines and inspection process. We can offer proposals that meet customers' needs and budgets for automation, labor saving, etc.
Q.2 Can we consult you about solutions for labor saving and production efficiency improvement?
A.2 According to customers' vision, we can make concrete proposals based on our expertise and experience. Please consult us about your problem, even a trivial matter.
First, access the page of “Contact Us” on this site, or make a phone call or send E-mail to contact us.
Q.3 If we ask for estimation first of all, will you accept estimation?
Can you estimate a single unit only?
A.3 We can accept estimation free of charge. Please contact us without hesitation.
Q.4 In case where an absolutely required function should be added after estimation or order is issued, is it possible to make a design change?
A.4 We will cope with a design change after discussion in detail.
Q.5 How do you warrant a purchased product?
A.5 We will define warranty conditions for each product, depending on product specifications and manufacturing conditions.
Example) For a fault of equipment that is not attributable to user's responsibility, the warranty period is one year, assuming that the equipment is operated for 8 hours per day.
Q.6 Can we visit to see your head office and Chinese plant?
A.6 If you contact the site which you wish to visit, we will consider your intention, and make arrangement for your visit.
First, access the page of “Contact Us” on this site, or make a phone call or send E-mail to contact us.