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Technical Development

Devoted to challenges for technical innovation

Professional group who can create and realize dreams

Recently, there is remarkable progress in technical innovation in IT industries and rising countries’ economic growth. Under such circumstances, a “professional group with a customers’ viewpoint” is indispensable for product development.
Our engineers are particular about all stages from development to manufacturing, with passion for pursuing ideals and novel ideas, so as to offer production solutions that can realize customers’ dreams.
With ideas viewed from customers’ side, we aim to be a “Think & Try” innovation company in the production facility field.

Four-core competence that supports our company

Technologies for precision motor production facilities
We have built many production facilities that continuously support precision motor manufacturing processes, and cultivated four-core competence technologies in this field, i.e. “winding (rotation),” “applying (application),” “measuring (inspection)” and “pressing (press-fitting).” Thus, we have many track records on delivery and safety of the standard products specialized in these technologies.
We are advancing the development of these technologies day by day, with consciousness of cost reduction for survival in global competitions, as well as with the aim for pursuing performance and quality improvement.
We will take challenges for creating new core technologies, while further advancing conventional key technologies.