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Production System

Production System
Making use of our original track records, experiences and diversified technologies and expertise for mechanical design, control design and software design, we support customers to solve problems and cope with subjects in customers’ sites.
Overseas sites directly meet local needs, offering total solutions in terms of performance, cost, quality, safety, production efficiency, etc.
The production plants in Japan and China are equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and assembling/test areas.
Through the global and optimized material procurement system that always conforms to required specifications, we enhance reliability of the products supplied to customers, thus ensuring high quality, low cost and short delivery period in production of customized parts and small-volume lot production, as well as for standard products.
As a member of the Nidec Group, we have various track records on total coordination of motor production facilities and inspection equipment lines in Asian countries.
The staff who has attained knowledge and experiences in such fields offers total supports for new installation, improvement and modification of equipment at customers’ local sites, through quick production/sales and close service systems.