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Greetings and Our Fundamental Philosophy

Nidec Machinery Corporation believes that the key to a company's growth and development is the three-fold philosophy, “Passion, Enthusiasm, and Tenacity”; “Intelligent Hard Working”; and “Do it now, Do it without fail, Do it until completed.”, and that all employees must have this philosophy in mind and continue to fulfill it.
Based on the technologies that have been cultivated until now and the competence for product development to meet market demands timely, Nidec Machinery Corporation aims for a next leap as a FA (Factory Automation) equipment manufacturer.
Aiming to be a leading member of global strategic companies, we will continue to make all efforts and take challenges to promote intensified innovation through steady practice of the three-fold philosophy, with the intention of offering further supports to customers.
We ask you to give us your kind patronage and directions continuously in the future.

Tetsuo Yamaguchi
Production Engineering Center   
/ Planning Department
  Shinichiro Maeta
Shinichiro Maeta

Our Philosophy in Production

  1. We aim for creative product development as a FA (Factory Automation) equipment manufacturer for automation and labor-saving systems.
  2. We pursue high performance, quick delivery and lower costs with the seamless production system that covers development, design and manufacturing (machining, assembling, adjustment and installation) stages, based on global and innovative management.
  3. We meet customers' advancing needs in assembling, measuring and testing fields, which are indispensable for innovation of leading-edge technologies.