November 1980 Kyoritsu Machine Works was founded at Yosunaga, Tottori City, by Shinichiro Maeta
(the present president of Nidec Machinery).
April 1990 Kyoritsu Machinery (capital: 20 million yen) was established to succeed Kyoritsu Machine Works.
It was established for the purpose of designing, manufacturing and marketing automatic machines, FA equipment, measuring and testing devices.
March 1991 Head office and plant were moved to the present location (1-32-2 Chiyomi, Tottori).
February 1995 Capital was increased to 35 million yen by the participation of Nidec Corporation.
December 1997 Capital was increased to 100 million yen by allocation of new stock to Nidec Corporation and other companies.
January 1998 Kyoritsu Machinery was renamed Nidec Machinery Corporation.
The company became a member of the Nidec Group.
July 1999 Head office and plant buildings were expanded for intensification of development and production systems.
March 2002 Nidec System Engineering (Zhejiang) was established in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China together with five Nidec Group companies.
Production (manufacturing and assembly) and material procurement were started by No. 4 Division in September.
December 2005 Nidec Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Rojana Industrial Estate, Thailand.
June 2006 Nidec Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd starts operation.
(Total area of factory: 5600 m2)
April 2009 Nidec Machinery (Zhejiang) Corporation was established in Pinghu City, Zhejian Province, China.
June 2011 Nidec Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary, was established in Shanghai City, China.