Nidem meets a wide spectrum of customers' needs, including electrostatic powder coating for small/medium-size motors, drying after parts cleaning, drying after coating, etc.

General-purpose Continuous Drying Furnace

  • This machine is mainly intended to dry workpieces after cleaning with water, and to conduct heat treatment of workpieces to be fastened with adhesive. Workpieces are automatically transferred with the dedicated basket in intermittent operation.
  • Temperature in the furnace is controlled with thermometers. Blower heating system with a heater is used for temperature control.

Powder Coating System

  • This system is intended for insulation coating of motor cores and stators. Coating is applied while the core/stator holding jig is transferred at a constant speed.
  • Powder will be returned to the supply unit after collection with the collector on the non-heating side, resulting in material cost saving.

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