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Automatic Assembling

The automatic assembling machines enable manufacturing of products with uniform and high quality at high speed by pursuing maximum production efficiency, instead of simply aiming for labor saving.
In conformity to customers' original production expertise, these machines make great contributions to labor saving in manufacturing fields, and to production efficiency improvement.

Automatic Parts Assembling/Inspection Line

  • Enables automatic loading and ejection by using the SCARA transfer and built-in conveyor system. Automatic assembling and inspection for each process can be freely configured with combinations of various modules.

  • The SCARA transfer system is used to supply parts from pallets and eject workpieces, enabling automation in assembling and inspection processes.

Precision Dimension Measuring System

  • Executes high-precision measurement of bore diameter and shaft diameter with two types of parts, enabling selection of optimum combinations and automatic insertion of parts.
  • Measuring resolution is submicron order. Dimension measurement data are controlled with a PC.

UV Irradiation System (Batch Type)

  • The compact design saves an installation space. This system is equipped with a shutter at the target inlet opening, thus ensuring safety design to prevent UV leak.
  • The inverter power supply can be used at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, without limitation in operating conditions.

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