Nozzle Winding Machine


  1. With the in-house developed high-speed multi-axis NC controller and control program, this machine enables high-speed and high-precision wiring.
  2. Wide versatility allows a single machine to cover wire gauges from thin to medium.
  3. Highly-rigid machine and highly-reliable controller that withstand 24-hour continuous operation.
  4. This machine uses a turntable for setting and removing cores, providing high availability and workability.
  5. Program edition and storage are enabled with the PC communication function.
  6. This machine provides simple structure without waste, ensuring excellent maintainability.
  7. Compact and space-saving


Target industry:
Production equipment, Automobile, Electronic equipment, etc.
DC brushless motors, etc.


Model CTS2200N
Winding method Nozzle (Regular winding)
Number of winding heads 2 heads
(2-core simultaneous winding)
Control AC servo 3-axis NC control
Applicable workpiece Outer diameter: 40 mm, Wound thickness: 5 mm max.
Applicable wire diameter φ0.04 to 0.3 mm
Nozzle rotation speed 2000 rpm max.
(depending on workpiece)
Spindle pitch 150 mm
Traverse stroke 20 mm
Terminal treatment Wire cut
Tension device Electrical tension device
Program storage CF memory card
Operating method Dedicated programming console
Input power supply 200 VAC ± 10%, Single-phase 50/60 Hz
Supply air 0.4 to 0.6 MPa
Dimensions 360 (W) × 1450 (D) × 1350 (H) mm
Weight 210 kg
* The above specifications are subject to change without notice.
Nozzle Winding Machine

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