Precision Servo Press


  1. Based on AC servo control, the press enables stable speed/thrust control.
  2. The press enables torque control by converting analog output into voltage.
  3. With a micro gauge, stop positioning is enabled in 1-μm order.
  4. To prevent a work error, interlock, fault alarm and status monitoring functions are provided.


Target industry:
Automobile, Electronic equipment, Communication equipment, etc.
Insertion, Positioning and press-fitting of parts (Aluminum material, Steel material, Bearing, etc.)


Model BPN5028
Equipment outer frame
Gate-type frame with 4 supports
Press drive AC servo
Maximum stroke 100 mm
Maximum thrust 180 kgf
Servo motor MITSUBISHI motor
Ball screw lead pitch 2 mm
Rated speed 0.05 to 50 mm/sec.
Load indication method Current conversion
Touch panel KEYENCE color monitor
Input power supply 100 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Supply air 300 to 600 kPa
Dimensions 270 (W) × 370 (D) × 657 (H) mm
(except for protruding portion)
Weight 95 kg
* The above specifications are subject to change without notice.
Precision Servo Press

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