Air Hydraulic Press


  1. With a micro gauge, the press provides press-fitting stop accuracy of within ±50 μm.
  2. With a built-in load cell, constant press force (load) monitoring is enabled.
  3. When optional equipment is used, automatic workpiece loading is enabled.


Target industry:
Automobile, Electronic equipment, Communication equipment, etc.
Press-fitting, Shearing and bending of small parts


Model APM20050
Press capacity 0.5 to 1.5 [t]
Rated speed 20 to 80 mm/sec.
Press drive Air Hydraulic Press
Cycle time 24 sec./piece, as standard
Applicable parts φ20 mm × 160 mm, as standard
Applicable workpiece type Several types, depending on jig/setting change
Input power supply 185 to 215 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Supply air 300 to 500 kPa
Dimensions 650 (W) × 900 (D) × 2050 (H) mm
(except for protruding portion)
Weight 400 kg
Option Supply unit
* The above specifications are subject to change without notice.
Air Hydraulic Press

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