Circular Profile Application Machine


  1. With the nozzle 2-step forward/backward/up/down operation mechanism that uses an air cylinder, this machine can handle workpieces even with large diameters and large depths.
  2. The rotary bearing that enables smooth rotation from ultra-low-speed to high-speed, and the X-Y-Z nozzle position adjusting mechanism are provided.
  3. With the stainless steel cover and combination exhaust port, this machine can be installed even in a clean room.
  4. A sensor to prevent application errors (double coating to a workpiece, omission of coating, etc.) and buzzer are provided.


Target industry:
Automobile, Electronic equipment, Recording media, etc.
Protective film coating, Applying adhesive to assembly parts, Applying lubricant to sliding parts, etc.


Model ADS7100
Nozzle Operation  
Air cylinder
Workpiece rotation  
Stepping motor
Allowable Workpiece Weight 300 g max.
Allowable workpiece size 100 mm × 150 mm or Φ100 mm
Input power supply 85 to 264 VAC
Supply air Dry air (0.3 to 0.5 MPa)
Dimensions 193 (W) × 353 (D) × 340 (H) mm
Weight 3 kg
* The above specifications are subject to change without notice.
Circular Profile Application Machine

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